Ques: Do you give special trainings to your Drivers?
Ans: Yes! ABC Transport gives regular and professional trainings to its Drivers.

Ques: How does one become a Gold Customer?
Ans: Simply by submitting eleven used ABC transport tickets.

Ques: What happens if a Gold customer qualifies for another Gold card(s) within the year?
Ans: Then a letter is sent informming him that his particulars have been registered (in our records) either as a two-time or three time winner of the Gold card.

Ques: How does a customer qualify for the Diamond Card?
Ans: When he has (3) Gold cards

Ques:What if a Diamond customer qualifies for a Gold card within a period?
Ans: Such a customer is not issued with another Gold card rather his particulars are registered to enable him retain his membership after expiration.

Ques: Tell me about safety measures in ABC Transports
Ans:The ABC safety department is responsible for the following duties:

Monitoring the driving behaviours of the company?s drivers

Organizing safety campaigns

Making sure all safety requirements of the vehicles are in place

Implementing strategies to make sure moderate speeds are maintained by the drivers

Continuous and constant training of ABC drivers

Listens to passengers' complaints as regards safety on the roads and acts immediately.

Liaising with other safety authorities to constantly enhance the safety standards of the company.

Since inception of the department, a lot of road monitoring and safety campaigns have been carried out. The safety men, whose office is on the high way, have always met the Buses and Trucks on the highways to make sure they comply with rules and regulations guiding proper and safe use of the road. For the past three months, the department has organised four road safety campaigns. These are:

Over speeding (SPV)

Dangerous/Wrongful overtaking (OVT)

Dangers Associated with Rainy Season (RHV)

Easter Peak Period campaign (Think about your vehicle)

These types of campaigns go on every month, putting into consideration the period or season God always help those that help themselves and God would continue to help ABC Transport for helping the Company by setting up the Safety Department.

Wish you a Happy and Comfortable Journey

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