Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions:

1. Passengers are conveyed subject to and in terms of our standard conditions of carriage, notwithstanding anything contained herein to contrary.

2. No agent, servant or representative of carrier has authority to alter, modify or waive any provision of this contract.

3. This ticket is valid for use within 90 days of purchase and is subject to the notices and conditions below. Tickets are not transferable and are valued for use only by the person to whom they are used and for the date and time shown thereon.

4. Open Ticket Is Non-Refundable

5. Passengers are required to be at the departure point at least 30 minutes before the departure time shown on their tickets. confirmed tickets with seat number will be surcharged by 50% of fare if passenger fails to turn up 30 minutes before departure. Cancelled trip by passenger shall attract a service charge of 15%, provided cancellation made at least 30 minutes before the departure.

6. Passengers are required to be at the departure points at least 30 minutes prior to the Departure time shown in their ticket. Any seats not filled 10 minutes to the      schedule departure time will be offered for sale to waiting customers on a first served basis.

7. Carrier is not responsible for any loss or damage to passenger hand luggage or passenger effects. No valuable items are to be placed in the luggage hold.

8. Smoking and consumption of alcohol are prohibited on board the bus. Carrier reserves the right to refuse the conveyance of any passenger who boards the coach while intoxicated.

9. For security reasons, the use of mobile phone and other communication devices are not allowed a board the bus, once the passenger is on board they must switch off their phones. Carrier services the right to discontinue the conveyance of any passenger who contravenes this provision and may hand him/her to law enforcements agents.

10. Carrier will make every effort to convey passengers and baggage with reasonable dispatch, but service may be affected by road, weather or conditions beyond carrier's control. Carrier will therefore not accept liability for any costs,  loss or damage incurred or inconvenience experienced by any person due to delay or cancellation of any services under such circumstances.

11. Accompanied goods are carried without inspection who is in possession of illegal or contraband goods, explosives, harmful, chemicals or toxic substances does so at their own risk, without the consent or collaboration of the carrier. Carrier does not accept to convey pets, live animals, human or animal remains, pornographic or other offensive material.

12. No standing passengers shall be conveyed. Passengers may not lie o sit in the aisle or toilet of the bus. No luggage may be stowed aisle or toilet of the bus.

13. Carrier reserves the right to operate substitute coaches/buses with those of different standard/modification, without notice and may alter or omit stopping place advertised in cases of necessity, this bus service stops at only designated and authorized bus stops.

14. change Schedules are subject to without notice as times shown in time tables are elsewhere are not guaranteed and form no part of this contract. Carrier assumes no responsibility for making connections.

15. Carrier reserves right to refuse undertake the conveyance of or the continued conveyance of any passenger(s) who is reasonably considered a threat to carrier and/or their passengers.

16. Carrier does not provide general insurance cover for its passengers or their luggage; therefore passengers should ensure that they are adequately insured

Cancellation Policy:

Between 1 Hrs to 2 Hrs from the station departure time 15% Cancellation Charges

Wish you a Happy and Comfortable Journey

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